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13.000 sqm Area With Full Hardware
And The Newest Technology
Modern MACHINE Park
High Technology and Efficiency with Rich Machine Park
Our high standards of quality and manufacturing

are well known in the industrial market.
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Our product portfolio is :

  • Cardboard
  • Carton Box
  • Corrugated Box
  • Die Cut Box
  • Packaging Boxes
  • Divider

Specialities Of Our Products

Can be produced according to type and weight of the product. It protects quality and freshness of product. It doesn’t damage natural structure of product.it doesn’t make smell and not give out a smell. It is easily used and it’s very light. It does not has harmful matter for human life. %100 recycling. It’s changed to raw meterial again by processed after it’s used. It doesn’t make dirty environment not damage natural life.

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Use Area of Our Products

Industrial Products

  • Machine and machine part
  • White property

Cleaning Products

  • Boxes is used to transport kind of chemicals


  • Meat products box
  • Oil boxes

Agricultural Products

  • Flower Box
  • Fruit Box
  • Vegetable Box


  • Boxes to transport cosmetic products
  • Cargo Package Cardboard Separator
  • Car Parts
  • Transportation

Paper Types

Papers that we use is usually imported from America Continent and developed European countries to reach to the highest quality.

  • Kraftliner
  • White Kraftliner
  • Testliner
  • White Testliner
  • Fluting
  • Semi Chemical Fluting (is fixed for cold rooms)

Flute Types

B Flute (Single Wall)

Thickness = 3mm. “B” Flute cardboard is the perfect combination of strength and style. It has a higher resistance to punctures than the other flutes. Generally used for stand up displays or ballot boxes as well as small to medium sized transit outers.

C Flute (Single Wall)

Thickness = 4 to 5mm. C flute cardboard has a high stacking strength and a resistance to being crushed. It is one of the most commonly used flutes for shipping boxes and tends to perform the best when holding materials such as glass, furniture and food products.

E Flute (Single Wall)

Thickness = 1.5mm. “E” Flute is the most lightweight of all the types of corrugated cardboard we carry. It is a stronger alternative to paperboard and performs well when used for die cut designs. “E” Flute has a superior printing surface and works well when used for software packaging or point of purchase boxes.

C+B Flute (Double Wall)

Standard double wall structure is made of one layer of “B” Flute and one layer of “C” Flute. Stronger than a single wall structure, double wall enables heavier objects to be shipped and should be used when a stronger box. Double wall is available in 150 grammes per square metre to 300 grammes on standard grades and 440 grammes on export and is excellent for stacking heavier items.

E+B Flute (Double Wall)

Thichness is between 4,2 mm and 5,8 mm.