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13.000 sqm Area With Full Hardware
And The Newest Technology
Modern MACHINE Park
High Technology and Efficiency with Rich Machine Park
Our high standards of quality and manufacturing

are well known in the industrial market.
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Mizan Cardboard Manufacturing & Trade

Mizan is one of the most experienced company in Turkey and it has been corrugated cardboard market for more than 40 years. Our company has 10.000m2 indoor area, 3.000m2 outdoor area,lots of machine park,organization with full hardware and the newest technology at production of corrugated cardboard. Mizan’s production capacity is 36.000 tonnes cardboard yearly.

Base aim of Mizan Cardboard Manufacturing Trade is producing high quality and natural packages. Our company philosphy inspires from nature, becaue defending is one of the first and most natural reflexes. Actually, we believe that we imitate of nature and there are lots of things that we learn of nature. Mizan Cardboard Manufacturing Trade present you on transport and marketing of packages that it produces in production of corrugated cardboard and production of box. Because our base aim is to answer requests of custumers in every stage of order.

Mizan Cardboard Manufacturing & Trade always rise the value of wallet of customers and raises sensitiveness on quality and pleasure of customer on production and aims to be company which be prefered first at large area not only Turkey.    

Mizan has been corrugated cardboard

market for more than 40 years.
10.000 sqm indoor area, 3.000 sqm outdoor area

and lots of machine park
Reliable, robust and respectful to the environment
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Corpotate Culture

  • To get confident,honest,durable relations with our customers and keep this relations
  • To maximize quality and efficiency by keeping cost in the lowest level and present that to our customers
  • To give high added value to worker,customers and public not only employer
  • Respect to the environment and stop wasting against nature and society from the process with the awareness and improving and the community to give back to nature
  • To produce strong,natural and protective package

Production Facilities

  • Corrugated cardboard production line
  • Die Cut box cutting machine
  • Four colour printing machines
  • Full automatic box glueing machines
  • Full automatic box sewing machine
  • Two pieced box erect automatic sewing machine

Service Concept

Mizan dominates its subject and work. Mizan guides to customers the most consistent options while producing products. It shares its experience and its knowledge with customers. Mizan effectively communicates with its customers. Mizan has organization system and human sources that can solve questions and problems. Mizan accepts quality not be an ordinary promise as a component of productions and institutional times.Mizan makes necessary quality-control in lot of stage from production to delivery to guarantee Mizan Cardboard Manufacturing Trade sees the package as a having confidence. Mizan completes all services and work times with necessary responsibility.It believes to be respect cunsumer and work beyond protection transport and keeping all together. It is absolutely care about to be quality products it services. Mizan believes that it is produced by people and not the machine so it invests in people as a machine, improves and educates human resources. It aims to present the best product with the best price to its customers with subject correctly and honestly and promises true and real.